I provide financial advisory services to investment funds, companies, family offices and private individuals. Please reach out if you require assistance in areas such as investment analysis, company or asset valuation, financial modelling, Excel, VBA programming og web development.

Nordicstocks was founded in Denmark in 2020 and can provide a range of financial consulting, Excel and web development services for the whole range of clients all over the world.

Investment analysis

Building full valuation models
in Excel and assisting you in
assessing the value potential
of your investments

Company valuation

Integrated company or asset valuations
where income, multiple or cost
approaches are applied in Excel
models with full functionality

Excel and VBA

Analytical Excel models tailored to your
requirements. Can provide Bloomberg,
FactSet, and CapitalIQ implementation
and VBA programming

Web development

Website and web application development
Professional proficiency with PHP, Javascript,
MySql, WordPress, CSS and HTML.

Years of Corporate Finance and Equity Research experience
Consultant hours

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Consultant Services.

I can work remotely or at your offices in Denmark or abroad. I have several years of experience providing corporate finance, valuation and financial modeling services and can tailor my services to fit your requirements.

Please read more about the services I provide below. Please also feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Investment analysis

I can work independently or as part of your teams responsible for analysing, reviewing, presenting and managing your investment opportunities.

  • Engage in all aspects of due diligence and business analysis to develop and refine investment theses
  • Developing and understanding complex financial modeling and business valuations
  • Reviewing and analysing investment opportunities across a range of segments such as general industry, real estate, renewable energy, farming etc.
  • Participate in structuring, negotiating and documenting investments and financing processes
  • Helping monitor and manage existing investments and portfolio companies
  • Provide traning to junior team members with respect to quantitative and analytical skills such as financial modelling, valuation and business case preparation
Valuation of companies or assets

I provide full scope valuation services based on fundamental income, market and cost approaches. I have several years of professional experience developing full-scope valuation models from scratch in Excel and can also provide detailed valuation reports for transaction purposes, legal disputes, tax defense files etc.

  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) modelling
  • Multiples and comparable transaction analyses
  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) modelling
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) fair value assessment
  • Impairment calculations (IAS 38)
  • WACC calculations
  • Accretion, dilution- and earn-back analyses
Financial modelling

I develop and review fully integrated 3-statement financial models based on professional best-principle standards. All inputs, calculations and outputs can be tailored to fit your requirements.

  • Raising capital and financing (debt/equity)
  • Making investments or acquisitions (businesses or project finance)
  • Analysing the profitability and growth opportunities of investment projects
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Capital allocation (priority of investment opportunities)
  • Valuing a business or investment project

Financial models can be tailored to fit a range of different assumptions and scenarios where I have several experiences in building models from scratch for renewable energy projects (wind and solar), real estate (hotel and residential lease projects) and other business modelling.

Excel and VBA

I develop analytical Excel models and can construct analytical models using external add-in tools such as Bloomberg, FactSet or CapitalIQ. I also have professional capabilities in working with VBA and can construct dynamic elements that can ease model processing and reduce time spent updating external inputs etc.

  • Development of analytical Excel workbooks (WACC and Beta calculations, Listed Peer Analysis, Yield Curve Models, Rating Models, Bond Valuation Models etc.)
  • Integration of external data providers such as Bloomberg, FactSet or CapitalIQ
  • VBA development and implementation in new or existing analytical models
Web development and other services

Web development

Website and web application development from scratch using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS and HTML. I can also tailor existing website templates or themes using WordPress or other content management systems.


Other services

I also assist new businesses and entrepreneurs setting up new businesses, developing internal budgetting, accounting and financial reporting systems and models.


Please feel free to reach out to discuss your requirements!


Inquire for Fee Plans.

Please note that the below fee structures and hourly rates will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the fee’s charged for the various services offered.

Hourly rate


Hourly excl. VAT

Hourly rate based on time and materials provided. Please note that the hourly rate can vary depending on the term of the engagement and whether the work takes place in Denmark or abroad.

  • Remote or at your offices;
  • All consulting services;
  • Weekends and holidays

Fixed fee


Inquire for fixed fee

I can provide fixed fee quotes for engagement where the deliverables and duration of the engagement are clearly defined up-front.

  • Financial models;
  • Valuation reports;
  • Excel and VBA models;
  • Web design or application development;

Frequently Asked

Can you assist on long duration engagements?

Yes, I can assist on longer engagements that span several months or years and will be able to accommodate downtime periods and then return to the project when required by you.

How do I pay for your service?

For projects that span several weeks or months I will provide invoices on a monthly basis with a detailed description and narrative of the hours provided on the engagement.


In fixed fee engagements I will provide an invoice after project completion and will make sure to inform you well in advance if the project requirements should exceed the initial scope of work determined in the engagement letter.

Do you charge extra fees for working at our offices?

In setting the fee I will take into consideration the duration, scope of work and complexity of the engagement. As such, please feel free to reach out to me about your requirements after which I will be able to provide a specific fee.


Clients I
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